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Amiante National Asbestos offers a number of decontamination services tailored for residential and commercial building owners in Montreal. Whether it be mould, asbestos, heavy metals or toxic waste, we have the tools and the expertise necessary to safely address the issue.

Lead Decontamination

Lead contamination is a significant problem across the island of Montreal. Some of the most common causes of this type of contamination includes poorly executed renovation work, decaying building materials and poor building maintenance. In the early years of the 20th Century, lead was a popular substance used in a wide variety of construction materials such as piping systems and paint. The past popularity of this heavy metal may explain why traces of it can be found in many older buildings.

Because lead particles and lead dust can easily travel in the air, it can be extremely dangerous for anyone without experience to renovate, demolish or restore a lead contaminated space. Since toxic dust settles in ventilation systems easily, occupants of the building are put at risk when air is re-circulated. Keep in mind that the dust can settle on almost everything in your home including your furniture, carpets, clothing, kitchen appliances, etc.

But rest assured, we are here to help. Amongst Montreal’s most trusted names for lead decontamination and asbestos abatement, Amiante National Asbestos has been tackling residential and commercial projects of all scales for over 15 years.

Lead Dust & Health Risks

Lead dust is highly toxic and can be extremely harmful if ingested. If repeatedly exposed to small doses, lead poisoning can slowly build up over time. Also, exposure to lead can be more harmful to children than adult since it can directly affect nerve and brain development. Health complications to children include kidney damage, hearing problems and slowed body growth. As for adults, symptoms may include abdominal pain, anemia, constipation, headaches, irritability, low appetite and reduced sensations.

To ensure the safety of all, lead decontamination is without a doubt the only option. To remove all traces of lead in your home, you need the expertise of professionals who know how to test, inspect, decontaminate and dispose of all contaminated material safely. In the Montreal area, Amiante National Asbestos’s team offers friendly and certified services using top of the line equipment. We pride ourselves on always getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our Safety Standards

In order to handle lead decontamination and safely dispose of the contaminated material, specific skills are necessary. The proper equipment along with a series of specific actions needs to be taken. The same process must be applied for the removal of lead dust and particles in the building’s ventilation system. Once a project is completed, Amiante National Asbestos conducts air-testing analysis to ensure the contamination has been eradicated.

In the beginning of the process, our team will determine which areas of the building are contaminated. In addition, we will determine if other contaminants such as asbestos or mould are present. Removal of all hazardous material is then done quickly, safely and efficiently to allow for a smooth and easy clean-up process.

The decontamination process also includes the removal of any lead-contaminated objects such as pipes, paint and appliances. All debris, including dust, residue and paint chips will be disposed of using our specialized HEPA vacuum units. The space will then be thoroughly cleaned with industrial grade cleaning products that are safe for both the surface and the occupants.

Decontamination & Disposal

Safe disposal of waste following a lead decontamination project is not to be taken lightly and remains a priority for Amiante National Asbestos. In order to ensure the safety of our team and of those handling the contaminated waste, only certified waste receptacles are used. To prevent other areas of the building from being contaminated, you can also be assured that all lead dust and residue will be eliminated.

Before air-testing analysis is performed, all entrances and openings are sealed off. Our highly sensitive equipment is then able to detect the presence of even the slightest trace of lead or asbestos immediately. Once air-testing analysis results are satisfactory, you will have piece of mind that your home is contaminant free and safe for years to come.

As one of Montreal’s most trusted asbestos abatement and lead decontamination expert, we are the obvious choice for any decontamination project you may have. We have taken on renovation, restoration and demolition projects of all kinds. All have been successfully completed in a safe, professional and effective way. Please contact us with any contamination concern you may have.