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Many industrial spaces, equipment, heavy machinery and vehicles come in contact with asbestos on a daily basis. General construction, building and structure demolitions as well as excavation projects can become dangerous environments for construction workers. Exposition to hazardous materials can pose serious health threats and even lead to lung disease and various types of cancer.

For industrial spaces, Amiante National Asbestos offers industrial cleaning services such as: asbestos removal, warehouse, industrial equipment, heavy machinery and transport vehicle clean up. With more than 30 years of experience, our team will safely and effectively complete industrial asbestos removal projects of any kind in the Montreal area.

Warehouse Clean Up

As one of Canada’s oldest cities, Montreal is home to a rich heritage of industrial buildings and warehouses for which construction dates back to the early half of the 20th Century. In an attempt to keep the building’s cultural heritage, many of have undergone interior restorations and renovations only. Unfortunately, the façade of most buildings built prior to the 1980s are likely to contain asbestos contaminated material. If you are the owner of such a building and plan to renovate its exterior, industrial cleaning may be necessary.

In case where no restoration or renovation have been done, the presence of asbestos can be found in different areas of the building such as wall insulation, flooring, ceiling tiles, stove top surfaces, roofing shingles and more. That being said, the chances of releasing asbestos dust while completing a warehouse renovation are very high. Being one of Montreal’s most seasoned asbestos removal companies, Amiante National Asbestos is proud to have safely performed the complete renovation, demolition and clean up of a large number warehouses.

Industrial Equipment

When renovating or completing the demolition of older buildings, using industrial equipment for cleaning purposes is required. During this process, the equipment in question is often contaminated with asbestos residue or dust and has to be cleaned meticulously. Amiante National Asbestos has years of experience in providing services to construction companies looking to have industrial equipment properly decontaminated. To do so, it is important to make sure that all exterior surfaces as well as all interior and mechanical parts go through proper analysis, testing and decontamination. Having the most advanced asbestos removal equipment available, we assure you that all traces of asbestos will be removed from your industrial equipment.

Heavy Machinery

Asbestos cleaning of heavy machinery is a highly specialized process that requires the expertise of seasoned professionals. Our team has successfully rendered professional industrial cleaning services to decontaminate a wide variety of different heavy machinery equipment. We know how to safely decontaminate it while ensuring that they remain intact and operational.

Transport Vehicles

The cleaning of Industrial transport vehicles requires specialized skills and tools. Since transport vehicles are used on both private and public roads, it is extremely important that they be asbestos free in order to avoid spreading asbestos dust in the environment. Over the years, we have cleaned and decontaminated numerous industrial vehicles and have become one of the most trusted names of the industry in the Montreal area.

Equipment and Processes

Since Industrial asbestos removal can be a difficult task to complete, only certified professionals should be mandated to do so. In order to successfully complete the cleaning process, heavily filtered vacuums, powerful hoses and hazardous waste bags of industrial strength must be used.

Additionally, for the safety of all people involved, our staff is equipped with certified safety gear such as respiratory protection, eye and hand protection gear, disposable clothing and more. We always operate to the highest safety standards and have air units, filters and monitors on hand at all time.

Our portfolio speaks for itself. Under our skilled guidance, a large number of industrial sites, commercial and residential buildings, transport vehicles and heavy machinery have undergone successful removal, cleaning and decontamination.

To guarantee all areas of the project have been covered, we complete an initial and a final inspection. We know how to identify which areas are more likely to be contaminated and know how to eradicate the any contamination issue.

Clean Up

Our industrial cleaning standards are second to none in Montreal. Removal and disposal of asbestos waste are the most important steps of any decontamination process. Without the proper safety precautions, asbestos dust and particles can be released in the air and pose health risks.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on always following the most eco-friendly disposal regulations and standards of the industry.

Safety is our number one priority. If you decide to entrust us with your industrial decontamination project, rest assured that it will be professionally managed, safely conducted and stress free. Whether you need to gut the interior of an old warehouse or simply need to test your equipment for asbestos residue, our team has the necessary experience and tools to do it. In Montreal, we have worked in all possible conditions and environments.

Learn more about the projects we have completed in our portfolio and testimonials sections.