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Over the past three decades, Amiante National Asbestos’s experienced team has successfully completed asbestos decontamination in numerous commercial buildings of the Montreal area. When it comes to asbestos removal or decontamination of hazardous materials, our dedicated team has the tools, the expertise and the training required to ensure an effective and safe cleaning.

Commercial cleaning following asbestos abatement must be completed in compliance with the highest safety standards and in accordance to the regulation in place. Specialized equipment and cleaning materials are necessary to ensure the environment is left toxin-free. Once the cleaning process is completed, our team will perform meticulous inspection and testing of the area to confirm that the area is asbestos free. Inspections and testing will include a thorough examination of all piping, tiling, insulation and flooring, as well as an evaluation of air quality.

Along with the right skills and expertise, our team has top of the line equipment at its disposal including specialized asbestos removal vacuums, cleaning solutions and tools that comply with government standards. In addition to following the safest cleaning methods, our team only uses certified waste receptacles to dispose of asbestos waste. Throughout the entire commercial cleaning process, we carefully monitor and regulate the area’s air quality in order to ensure that all asbestos residue and particles have been taken care off.

Having successfully completed numerous decontamination projects of commercial buildings of all sizes, we have become key player of the cleaning industry in Montreal. Some actually require that a complete decontamination be performed in order to guarantee the safety of its occupants.

Since the ban on asbestos use in the construction industry was not implemented until the 1980’s, a large number of older commercial and residential buildings in Montreal are contaminated. Amiante National Asbestos is fully aware of this issue and has acquired experience with decontamination of the different prominent structure types in Montreal.

In Montreal, our commercial cleaning crew is known for always being dedicated to the task at hand, for being detail oriented and for always conforming to highest safety standards. The safety of your family or employees, of our crew and professionals involved with the project remains a top priority. In seeking new cleaning methods and applying the most advanced techniques, we confirm our current status as leader in the industry. We pride ourselves in always having the most effective services to offer our valued clients.

You must keep in mind that asbestos can be found in many areas of a building’s structure including: piping system insulation, roof shingles, wall insulation, floor tiles, paint, millboard, heat furnace and stove cement sheets, fireplace structures, and more. When required, seeking the services of commercial cleaning professionals remains the safest decontamination option available.