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Being one of the most experienced specialized contractor in Montreal, Amiante National Asbestos offers a number of demolition services that uphold the highest asbestos removal and disposal standards and regulations in the country. Since we own and operate the most advanced equipment, we are able to undertake and successfully complete demolition projects of all sizes and scales.

The presence of asbestos is not uncommon in residential and commercial buildings. Before its use was banned by several governing entities, asbestos based construction materials could be found in different areas of most buildings, but most specifically in floor and ceiling tiles, insulation and roofing. Nowadays, when renovating an older home, you are more than likely to find hazardous materials. Should that be the case for your project, you must immediately seek the services of professionals in order to quickly, efficiently and safely take care of the problem.

Doing so becomes even more important when taking on partial or complete demolition projects of old buildings or homes where no inspection took place. Since moving or removing existing structures can release toxic asbestos fibres into the air, extensive planning and foresight are required. Amiante National Asbestos’s team of experts have the skills and knowledge required to take on projects of any complexity. Because of our deep understanding of the repercussions hazardous materials can have on the environment, we manage demolition and decontamination projects with careful dedication.

That being said, asbestos removal taking place during a building demolition requires the expertise of trained, experienced and certified professionals who know how to safely dispose of all toxic waste and avoid further contamination of the environment.

In addition to being a contamination threat to the environment, asbestos also poses serious risks to your health. So again, it is imperative that you seek the services of the best asbestos removal professionals. Since this highly volatile contaminant may have been responsible for the deaths of a large number of workers in the industry, Amiante National Asbestos is proud to have put in place the highest safety standards. The health and the safety of everyone involved is always our top priority.

Whether you are the owner of an older home in need of minor renovations, or the owner of a commercial building looking for a complete demolition, safe removal of all asbestos products should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Amiante National Asbestos will perform a thorough inspection and analysis of the building and will answer any question or concern you may have during the project. We will also provide you with all regulations documentation available and make sure that the project is done according to protocols and laws in effect. By doing so, the likelihood of complications arising will be reduced and all aspects of your project will be covered. You must keep in mind that our demolition services include the disposal of all hazardous materials in the safest way possible!