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Asbestos & Flooring

Asbestos is a known element of thermal insulation. Thermal insulation has been widely used in homes since its commercial production started in 1879. Aside from insulation, it can also be found in a countless number of other construction materials such as exterior siding, some types of paint, roof shingles and membranes, and more often than not, in floor coverings.

In fact, since the 1920’s, flooring products containing Asbestos became popular mainly because of their durability, relatively low cost and ease of installation. Some of the flooring materials in question include vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet flooring, asphalt, paper backing, adhesives, and mastics. Since we now know that these products and materials can pose serious health hazards, asbestos flooring removal is an essential step in most renovation and demolition projects to ensure the safety of the occupants of your home.

Potential Dangers to Your Health

Since asbestos can easily penetrate the body, it poses a serious threat if found in a home. Typically, asbestos fibers enter the body via inhalation, by ingestion or through the skin.

*Inhalation: if asbestos fibers are inhaled, some may imbed themselves in the lungs causing scarring and inflammation, which can in turn seriously impair breathing and lead to various lung related conditions such as asbestosis and/or lung cancer.

*Ingestion: although difficult to accurately measure asbestos fibers concentration in water, research has showed that drinking water distributed through asbestos cement pipes may present risks to health when ingested. There has been many studies conducted using samples of population in specific location in Canada and the U.S. but none have been fully conclusive. However, studies conducted in those same areas show a strong link between reported cases of stomach and pancreas cancers with the ingestion of asbestos contaminated water.

*Contact with skin: following various studies conducted, the only reported effect of asbestos fibres coming in contact with skin are skin lesions such as small warts or corn. That being said, it is strongly recommended to avoid dermal contact with all asbestos contaminated material since the formation of these skin lesions can be painful.

* Source: Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry.Although there is currently no law in effect making the use of construction material containing asbestos illegal in Canada, the Canadian government did impose some regulations on asbestos use in the construction of new homes. However, owners of older homes that were built using these dangerous materials are not currently required by law to have asbestos removed from the flooring or from any other contaminated
areas of their home.

That being said, in the Montreal area, Amiante National Asbestos’s team of professionals can fulfill your asbestos flooring removal needs and give you piece of mind. We can also assist you with asbestos decontamination and removal of other
hazardous materials such as mold growths, heavy metals and other chemical toxins.

Asbestos Floor Tile Removal

As a diversified General Contractor, our skills and services will be an asset to you at the different stages of your construction project. If you are specifically looking for expertise with renovation work such as asbestos floor tile removal, you’ve come to the right place. As a responsible homeowner, you must keep in mind that removing or replacing asbestos contaminated flooring materials can be dangerous and requires the assistance of professionals.

Having extensive experience in this field, Amiante National Asbestos offers the services of a team you can trust. Whether you need our help for a project in a residential home or in a commercial building, to remove asbestos contaminated materials in the walls or in the floors, we will complete it successfully and to your entire satisfaction.

Starting with a thorough analysis, we will then put together and apply the safest possible plan of actions. We will also take the time to come up with a contingency plan for your asbestos floor removal project. Should a plan B be necessary, it will be readily available. Finally, rest assured that we have the appropriate protective equipment on hand so that your personal belongings remain intact throughout the project. And all this will be completed in the most eco-friendly way possible!

If you suspect that the floor coverings of your home or business contain asbestos and
safety is a priority for you, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.