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In various parts of the world, asbestos was commonly used as a building material for both commercial and residential constructions. In fact, such material can be found in the majority of homes built prior to the early 1990s. Since we now understand the health risks associated with being exposed to asbestos based products, its use has been banned in Canada.

Best known for its fire-resistant and insulating properties, asbestos is a fibrous material, in either serpentine form (chrysotile) or in amphibole form (which includes anthophyllite, amosite, crocidolite, tremolite, and actinolite). When asbestos (in rock form) is refined and woven in strands, an element similar to a fabric can be created. Because of these characteristics, it was long thought to be the perfect element to use in the production of home insulation, brake linings, roofing shingles, floor & ceiling tiles, cement pipes, safety apparel, theatre curtains and other building materials.

When inhaled, small fibers can get logged in the lungs and lead to a variety of serious health problems such lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis. Because such risks to your health exist, in the event that asbestos is found in your home, you must quickly seek the help of professionals to perform asbestos abatement.

One Solution. Expert Asbestos Removal

In the Montreal area, Amiante National Asbestos has years of proven experience in asbestos abatement. We have the expertise and qualifications required to handle any decontamination project, whether large or small, commercial or residential. To guarantee optimal results, we use cutting edge technology, environmentally friendly processes, and take extra measures to ensure everyone’s safety throughout the project.

We believe in using a combination of tried and true ideas and techniques to take on asbestos abatement. These includes, but are not limited to: thorough analysis of the problem area, diagnosis of the type of asbestos, creation of a contingency plan as well as pre-construction services including site preparation and setting up protection equipment.

Throughout the project, Amiante National Asbestos will provide professional services and stringent safety protocols. We will accurately determine the type of asbestos found in your home or business, its concentration level, and the extent of the contamination on your the property.

Properties At Risk

First off, if your home or commercial building was built before 1990’s, chances are that we will find the presence of asbestos. When it comes to asbestos contamination, it is simply not worth taking any risks. The health issues associated with exposure to asbestos can have serious consequences. But rest assured, Amiante National Asbestos can be your source for asbestos abatement in the Montreal area. We are also able to take care of mold, heavy metals, and hazardous chemicals decontamination. Contact us today.